In the Arms of the Sun

by Vox Vocis

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The first full length by Vox Vocis, featuring the tale of Cadence and Anacrusis Casso as Ana takes experimental drugs to cure her deafness.


released January 22, 2016

Vocals/Guitar: Alex Vaquera
Bass: Alejandro Nunez
Drums: Zachary Burton
Produced by Stephen Adwell at AMR Studios
Mastered by Mike Watts at Vudu Studios



all rights reserved


Vox Vocis Houston, Texas

Vox Vocis formed in August 2011 and through various changes reached today's prog playing line-up.

Zach Burton - Drums || Alejandro Nunez - Bass || Alex Vaquera - Vocals, Guitar


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Track Name: Ad Initium Casso
A beauty with boast and a modest mouth
Anacrusis, the whole town was proud
But when she spoke, no words came out
And when you spoke, all she heard was

A silence screaming in her ears
(Sonitus is the drug for you)
No one could understand her fears
(No longer will you be waiting)
She's waiting
For a cure undo this blight
(Sonitus is the drug for you)
A sunrise coming into night
(No longer will you be waiting)
She's waiting

Time after time, he would speak his mind
Heart made of gold, thoughts unaligned
But when he spoke, it was full of doubt
And when he spoke, all she heard was
Track Name: Erroneous Anacrusis
You're listening to those who are lying
They are selling what I'm not buying
Tell me what, tell me why
You believe every word but mine
I'll stop talking when you start listening

Here I stand
Your blood is no longer on my hands
Even though you won't hear my voice in the quiet

Is this what you call your fantasy?
'Cause all I'm seeing is a tragedy
Your mind's away, your life's a shame
You won't hear a word I say
You'll start listening when you're missing me
Track Name: Breathe
I will never leave this place
You're a little distracting, I'm too good at reacting
Disturbed, I wake with fear (The walls just aren’t right here)
The sound consumes me; Bleed me, use me
I will never leave this place
I burn such a gorgeous flame
This chill run through my veins
Keep me warm, keep me sane

Hold me like I'm gonna leave
Pull me in, it's all I need

I’ll speak to you in tongues
Fear my lungs and all that I’ll become
I'm all letting go, a child far from home
All the side effects take effect
I'm burning the candle at both ends

I need you to breathe, love
I need you to be love
I can't wait, I'm so tired
(Slowly, hold me)
I've been lost for all my days
Take it back, can't stand reacting
'I need you to be my something real'
So breathe, love

Can you save me? This broken horse?
I could be so much more
It’s coming down, I’m coming down

I've been blind for all my days
Take it back, take it back
Track Name: Terror, River Gypsy
Quick on her heels
She moves her feet from the burn of the street and walks into the fire
Tongue of a liar
Scream, 'I am clean. Just let me run back home. I've done enough'
The heat trapped in her skin
Summer's child, misgiven again
‘I should have stayed’
Wrecked, she'll say, 'What have I done?'

Tell me just what I could be
To sound the start of everything
Hear the cries, the color of her eyes
Terror riverside

Do you believe the words on the air?
Broken, the beasts, how they bleed
In her wake, the current screaming
Breathe, repeating, 'Cadence save...'
Track Name: Side Effects Take Effect
This new feeling found, hearing all that sounds
I can finally breathe
Life is rearranged, a feeling so strange
I’m becoming

Light is fading out, vision failing now
And it’s frightening
When was I so numb? Flesh has come undone
Speechless, I've be-
Track Name: Anacrusis in a Crisis
Listen up, those sounds that cut
Your name to ribbons, bitter on our tongues
Signs of speechless screaming, ‘I’m longing for home’
You say you've had enough
Girl, your number's up
(Hear) In silence, screaming
(Here) Hardwired relapse, you
(Know) They are out there waiting
(No) He won't be there for you

Tell me why a monster am I
No more
Could this be what I've done all this for?

Fear, the fire fuel this hate
Child, burn the end of days
Babylon wants back it's whore
We won't sit and feed it for you’ve
Given up yourself and burned your time

We don't want to hear you whine
A monster inside
'Ana, please, believe it's for your own sake'
I heard you say, 'Please follow me home'

Tell them they're wrong, tell them them I'm clean
This life misplaced won't go to waste
I'm finally whole (I am whole)

Gunshot, horror
This beauty's gone to waste
I know she was one of the lucky ones
(Know that you're one of the lucky ones)
(Will her, kill her) Suffer, brother
Don't call Cadence, he's not home
(Damn you, you made me depend on you)

This pain, I never thought I'd see the day where all my life would fade away
Feel inside, this heart stops beating, life retreating
Your heart still beats within my chest
Your words still linger on my breath
These bloody hands stained on your dress
There's no excuses left
I'm not running from the dark

I'm not done, I won't hold my tongue
Brother, I'm not running from the dark
Track Name: Winter Queen
See me shake, cut my whimpers
(Rattled mind, fall in line)
Adrenaline, wired-eyed
(Steel your tongue, come back from)
Play at me, your wrist ringing true
Broken, I'm bleeding into you

Inconsistence, breeding in your chest, is beating
Never hear me say

They could never save you
(I need to cool my head)
Those sorry hands they gave you
(Take stock of all I've bled)
I taught my legs to wander so unsure
(I'll send a beat to hear come back)
Life retriever
(Play at)
Bent believer

Am I right?
Terror post-disaster

Am I right to be, winter queen?
(Here I'll be perfect machine)
Put the pieces back together all wrong
(Rebuild me make me strong)
It's blistering, what you've done to me
(Never free from what you gave me)
Can't you see what I've become?
Track Name: A Fire Favored
There's Summer in those eyes
Burning, I steal a touch
This breadth is too much
Now, I've found this new come down
A city where she sleeps
A words begins

You'll never hold on
As evening turns, the signs will burn
You'll never hold on for long

So we switch the lights between the actors on the screen
I know every line, but they're no longer mine
How the cold wrecks my bones
She keeps me from sleep
Her mouth it sings

You'll never hold on
As morning turns, you'll never learn
You'll never hold on for long

She left before I even said, ‘You’ll never hold on’
Before I even said, you’re already gone

You'll never hold on
For days, I’ll yearn for Summer's burn
You'll never hold on for long
The fire, it ends
Track Name: This Hardened Heart
Past the hardest part
Who forgot your heart?
You couldn't wait
Not one to grow up old and tired
Day after day
I cut you down just to stoke the fire

Who was it for? We hurt her more

You're not the author, you're the story
I'll face the sun in the morning
Was there anything she said?
'Was there anything?' She said
You should've seen her break

Did you ever learn to balance or burn?

I slept for seven days
The weeks grew weak, I stayed
So stop this hardened heart
I forgot my part

Did you ever learn?
Track Name: In the Arms of the Sun
What went wrong in moving on?
Misplaced and shaking, I'm breaking up
(I was) distracted (by you)
Surround me
(I feel) your body (drag me down)
I'm drowning

Wait, you've wandered far past crossing the line
If there's panic, it's mine
(If it’s wrong, what's right?)
Their features all run speechless
(So) why can't I find light

I've lost track of who's out of line
This floor's not level and you're wasting my time
Ends bleeding, the words strike the air
Just tell me you're there (You owe me that much)
Say something, say anything

Is this the path carved out to take me back to solid ground?
I've found, far from the shore, sister crying
Brother's coming home to free you
Viral, stealing, bodies reeling
Lights on the walls, they indicate
Eyes run red, they indicate

I can't remember being
(Which one fell out of line?)
Is this sensation feeling?
(I'm drawn on wasted time)
Where did you go? Please come home
(Viral, stealing)
I need to know, where did you go
(Bodies, reeling)
Say something, say anything

I was not the shovel dig this rut receive me
I'm not God
Pride sought company in pity
From her, I drew no blood

Ever after's just so hard to keep
Save a little of all I lost to sleep
Forgive me, understand why I had to go
Forgive me, understand why I couldn't go

I sit, the convict, eyes screaming fire
Can nobody see that I'm freezing?
Her breath courses cold through my bones
I'm screaming, 'is this all I could do on my own?'

I sit, the convict, eyes screaming fire
There's no one can hear that I'm screaming
Her breath courses cold through my bones
I'm freezing

In the arms of the sun, I'll become
I'm not done, I won't hold my tongue
Ana, I won't, believe me
Ana, I don't believe me